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I have several years of joyful experience in the technology sector focused on development and design. I’ve led teams, given instructional talks, and built products from the ground up. In doing so, I’ve worked with, and have worn, all the hats involved in whatever product I am involved with. I enjoy building products from the ground up with following principles of user centered design.

I also have experience being client facing with discovery meetings, requirements gathering, and training.

I started my career as a non-paid intern that couldn’t afford college and worked my way to becoming a web graphics designer specializing in usability.

In my years, my love for problem solving, product development, and creating a fun/positive work culture grew. Because of this, work has always been more like “play”, guiding me to help create some enjoyable products. As a way of giving back to the community, I take on apprentices every year to help coach and share the lessons I’ve learned.

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